Stop Dow's Agent Orange Seeds!

Dow Chemical wants to introduce its latest generation of genetically-modified (GM) seeds, which will be bred for resistance to the herbicide 2,4-D. That’s right, the next wave of seeds will be resistant to one of the primary components of Agent Orange, used in the Vietnam War as a chemical defoliant. Planting these seeds means the use of 2,4-D as a weed killer will increase drastically, an estimated 30-fold increase according to the Center for Food Safety. Not only is the chemical drift-prone and extremely toxic for farmers, it is also known to be a hormone disrupter, linked to birth defects, cell damage and lymphoma.

Why would farmers even be interested in 2,4-D seeds? The reason is that the previous generation of GM seeds--developed to tolerate Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide--have led to the growth of Roundup-resistant weeds. This epidemic of “superweeds” has alarmed farmers and scientists, triggering even more herbicide applications and the desire to use older, even more toxic chemicals, like 2,4-D.

But that’s not the solution--that’s just staying on an ever faster treadmill of chemical and agribusiness dependence. Monsanto assured us that resistant weeds would never spring up from using Roundup Ready seeds. Why would 2,4-D seeds be a better solution?

Voice your opinion by 4/27: tell the USDA we’ve had enough of herbicide-resistant seeds and short-sighted solutions.

We urge the USDA not to approve Dow Chemical's application for genetically-modified corn designed to tolerate spraying of herbicide 2,4-D (Docket No. APHIS–2010–0103). The use of these seeds will lead to ever increasing use of a toxic herbicide, which has strong links to cancer, hormone disruptions and birth defects. The USDA has failed to conduct a meaningful and holistic review of the herbicide's effects on ecosystems, farmers and consumers. Protect our environment and say no to the unwarranted use of this toxic chemical.


The FRESH Community, undersigned
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4903 Mon Apr 07 18:36:00 EDT 2014 Anna Hess Lutsen, MN this is common sense. WE used to have it.
4902 Mon Apr 07 16:36:04 EDT 2014 terri Starr Bloomsburg, PA
4901 Wed Apr 02 22:03:21 EDT 2014 Corie Adamucci Syracuse, NY
4900 Sun Mar 30 08:46:24 EDT 2014 stephanie Champion Lenoir, NC
4899 Fri Mar 28 23:22:48 EDT 2014 Cindy Duke Sterling, VA
4898 Fri Mar 28 21:54:38 EDT 2014 Brenda Plazio Pitman, NJ We need to stop the production of all herbicide resistant seeds. Please STOP approving these products and help save our environment, our food supply and our HEALTH!
4897 Thu Feb 27 14:29:22 EST 2014 Diane Plogger North Olmsted, OH Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
4896 Sat Jan 25 10:49:58 EST 2014 Denna Wheeler Muskogee, OK
4895 Sat Jan 18 12:34:21 EST 2014 Anonymous Growing smarter does not mean using more advanced science to produce larger yields.
4894 Sun Jan 12 09:09:19 EST 2014 Kolleen Mayou west jordan, UT Sustainable is sensible. Thank you.
4893 Thu Jan 02 22:52:42 EST 2014 Anonymous Crown Point, IN
4892 Wed Jan 01 21:32:03 EST 2014 Nicole Cochran
4891 Tue Dec 31 23:23:27 EST 2013 Eileen DiGioacchino Schenectady, NY Just like the overuse of antibiotics, the use of these seeds and chemicals is dangerous and creating a health and food crisis long term. The fact that these seeds are out there disrupting nature is unfair, More....
4890 Mon Dec 30 17:15:38 EST 2013 Katherine Moore Kingwood, TX Do the people responsible for this want their own families to eat foods with these toxins in them?
4889 Mon Dec 30 07:48:35 EST 2013 Danielle Peterson Jefferson City, MO As a twenty six year old young woman here in mid Missouri, I am disgusted buy the suggestion of using Agent Orange as a weed killer. Is it not known the horrid effect Agent Orange had on those who are More....
4888 Mon Dec 30 00:35:07 EST 2013 Anonymous Orange, CA
4887 Sat Dec 28 21:48:07 EST 2013 Anonymous Orangeburg, SC We can change this if we work together.
4886 Fri Dec 27 01:49:09 EST 2013 Christiana Brown Salt Lake City, UT
4885 Wed Dec 25 23:51:11 EST 2013 claire morgan queen creek, AZ Dumping chemicals on our food, into our water, onto our soil and into our air is not the answer. We have to stop the chemical destruction of our food supply for the sake of us all.
4884 Fri Dec 13 18:35:24 EST 2013 Megan McLaughlin Mountaintop, PA Please stop letting corporations dictate our livelyhood.
4883 Wed Dec 11 20:00:21 EST 2013 Anonymous Frederick, MD 201 -->200Why does this world have to revolve around money? 2, 4-D is strongly linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and birth defects! Greedy business in today's world are killing people in the name of money.
4882 Wed Nov 27 14:33:29 EST 2013 Aaron Surridge Surrey, BC
4881 Sat Nov 23 15:31:31 EST 2013 Kristine Waimey astoria, NY
4880 Wed Nov 20 09:24:46 EST 2013 Crisandra Poulos Saint Helena, CA
4879 Sun Nov 03 16:06:19 EST 2013 Jaya Jivika Rajani
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