U.S. to Prevent GMO Labeling Worldwide

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We have just a few days to stop the U.S. government from preventing the labeling of genetically modified foods (GMOs).

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have adopted a pro-corporate position that laughably claims labeling GM/GE foods creates the "false" impression that "that the labeled food is in some way different from other foods.” [1]  Even worse, the current U.S. draft position paper declares that mandatory labeling laws such as they have in Europe are “false, misleading or deceptive.“ [2]

On May 3rd, Obama administration officals from the FDA and  USDA will travel to Canada for a special United Nations meeting to tell the world to adopt the same position, preventing other countries from rightly labeling GMOs as different from fresh, natural food.

Sign our petition now before the deadline on Monday.

To the FDA & USDA:

We demand that you abandon your wrongheaded, corporate food position that GMOs are somehow the same as non-GMO foods. We have the right to know what's in our food and what we are feeding our families.

Current U.S. Law and FDA policies recognize a difference between genetically modified foods and other foods. This should not be up for reconsideration.

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10816 Mon May 03 23:52:51 EDT 2010 Anonymous We have the right to know what we are feeding ourselves and our families. Nobody knows the ramifications of growing &/or eating GMO products.
10815 Mon May 03 23:34:19 EDT 2010 Anonymous
10814 Mon May 03 23:31:47 EDT 2010 Anonymous
10813 Mon May 03 23:08:46 EDT 2010 Anonymous You were voted by the people and you should follow the people's will instead of individuals who used to work for big corps and now are in government.
10812 Mon May 03 22:53:41 EDT 2010 Anonymous
10811 Mon May 03 22:37:36 EDT 2010 Anonymous People should be allowed to make educated and informed decisions!!!
10810 Mon May 03 22:31:09 EDT 2010 Anonymous Let the consumer vote with his/her dollars. Without labeling information an informed choice is not possible. Yes to honest labeling of genetically modified food
10809 Mon May 03 21:47:35 EDT 2010 Anonymous GMO foods should be labeled as such so that people can make informed decisions.
10808 Mon May 03 21:44:47 EDT 2010 Anonymous
10807 Mon May 03 21:29:29 EDT 2010 Anonymous Donna Linnon
10806 Mon May 03 21:26:30 EDT 2010 TAnya Campbell my children deserve so much better than the poison that you are knowingly allowing to be in their food.
10805 Mon May 03 20:56:40 EDT 2010 Anonymous Polly B. Goodyear
10804 Mon May 03 20:51:55 EDT 2010 kimberly tanudjaja-smith
10803 Mon May 03 20:45:15 EDT 2010 Anonymous
10802 Mon May 03 20:40:34 EDT 2010 Anonymous
10801 Mon May 03 20:37:45 EDT 2010 Anonymous Faith Doucette
10800 Mon May 03 20:36:59 EDT 2010 Anonymous
10799 Mon May 03 20:26:34 EDT 2010 Rachel Diehl RDiehl
10798 Mon May 03 20:24:25 EDT 2010 Kate Zephyrhawke
10797 Mon May 03 20:22:17 EDT 2010 Anonymous
10796 Mon May 03 20:20:12 EDT 2010 Anonymous
10795 Mon May 03 20:09:18 EDT 2010 Anonymous Manpreet Malhi
10794 Mon May 03 19:10:01 EDT 2010 Anonymous
10793 Mon May 03 19:08:19 EDT 2010 Anonymous Please allow us to be informed as to what we are buying. We want to know if a food item has been genetically modified.
10792 Mon May 03 18:12:34 EDT 2010 Diane DeHay Europe and other countries have already label GMO for the public interest. The only public interest Washington has is for themselves, not the public.
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[1] Consumers Union, Press Release, April 20, 2010 http://action.fooddemocracynow.org/go/128?akid=122.86067.yezFWF&t=12

[2] 80+ Groups Urge FDA, USDA to Change U.S. Position on Food Labeling Civil Eats, April 20, 2010 http://action.fooddemocracynow.org/go/129?akid=122.86067.yezFWF&t=14