Monsanto's Resistant Super Bugs

Did you hear that crash? It’s the sound of corn stalks toppling over, their root systems ravaged by rootworms. But wait, didn’t Monsanto promise that their genetically-modified (GM) corn, bred to include Bt toxins, would resist pests? Turns out that after only a few years, insects have already evolved to resist Bt, and are now attacking corn fields in the Midwest. If we keep allowing monoculture fields of Monsanto’s Bt corn, soon there will be no way to fight these super bugs.

To promote crop rotation and to create “refuges” for non-resistant rootworms, the EPA mandates that farmers use non-Bt corn for at least 20% of their fields. But unfortunately, blinded by Monsanto’s promises of higher yields, not all farmers are complying with the regulations. In fact, data from the Center for Science in the Public Interest suggests that one out of every four farmers who plants Bt corn is not in compliance, and the number is growing. This drastically increases the likelihood that pesticide-resistant insects will attack future crops, including organic and non-GM corn.

Ask the EPA to enforce their rules requiring the planting of other types of corn, and require the use of non-GM seed on at least 20% of land.

Dear EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson,

Only a few years after Monsanto introduced Bt corn, cornfields in the Midwest are being attacked by resistant rootworms. These super insects are flourishing because farmers are not adhering to EPA regulations to plant at least 20% of their land with non-Bt corn. These insects pose a severe threat to all future corn crops. End the monoculture fields of Bt corn; require the planting on non-GM corn to safeguard our food supply.


The FRESH Community, undersigned
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4439 Tue Feb 19 00:25:36 EST 2013 Sydney Klein Carbondale, IL
4438 Mon Feb 18 19:14:30 EST 2013 Josh Fields Kewaunee, WI
4437 Fri Feb 15 02:00:15 EST 2013 Nicole Brooks San Francisco, CA
4436 Sat Feb 09 01:10:45 EST 2013 aaron english vancouver, WA
4435 Wed Feb 06 11:44:41 EST 2013 Anonymous West Point, IN Do your job to safeguard out food supply. Enforce your rules requiring planting of other types of corn. Require non-GMO seed on at least 20% of land.
4434 Tue Feb 05 23:50:46 EST 2013 Debbie Bornilla Henderson , NV
4433 Sun Feb 03 23:22:17 EST 2013 Lisa Levin Crestview, FL
4432 Thu Jan 31 21:00:47 EST 2013 Springer Stevens UT
4431 Wed Jan 30 16:04:58 EST 2013 Anonymous Negley, OH
4430 Fri Jan 25 21:49:56 EST 2013 Margarita Wagerson
4429 Thu Jan 10 10:41:28 EST 2013 Greg Bonsignore CT Plant at least 20% of the land with non-Bt corn
4428 Tue Jan 08 20:54:10 EST 2013 Chris Schipper Pasadena, MD
4427 Sat Jan 05 22:15:09 EST 2013 Karin Ladd Farmington, MO Please enforce your rules requiring the planting of other types of corn, and require the use on non-GM seed on at least 20% of land!!
4426 Thu Jan 03 21:16:54 EST 2013 Nicole Cantor Seymour, CT Crop diversity and non-gmo produce!
4425 Fri Dec 28 22:49:47 EST 2012 Trace Brown TX
4424 Sun Dec 16 06:20:50 EST 2012 Anonymous NH
4423 Tue Nov 06 10:44:46 EST 2012 Valerie Sherrill Boardman, OH
4422 Tue Oct 16 19:56:00 EDT 2012 Vivian Fox Santa Monica, CA
4421 Mon Aug 13 15:52:07 EDT 2012 Colby Jeffers Phoenix, AZ
4420 Thu Aug 09 15:50:44 EDT 2012 cheri bjork mt prospect, IL
4419 Sat Aug 04 14:40:42 EDT 2012 Blanca Hurtado Yakima, WA
4418 Sat Jul 14 21:04:09 EDT 2012 Janette Crimmins Indianapolis, IN I want a world worth living on for my son and his kids.
4417 Wed Jul 11 07:00:57 EDT 2012 erika naegelin san antonio, TX Enforce this rule, so we have food into the future. Better yet, don't allow gmo anything on the market and go back to the natural way of growing for superb healthy food for our families.
4416 Mon Jul 09 16:49:20 EDT 2012 David OBrien Tonawanda, NY The way forward is by going back to what is natural. It is not to late to make the change that will not only save what we grow but the supply of food for the world. We will be watching.
4415 Mon Jul 09 14:26:28 EDT 2012 Lara Post Ann Arbor, MI Please enforce these important rules that are already in place.
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